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12th December 2010

decisions, decisions, decisions ….

Its the penultimate Sunday before Christmas and I don’t know where to start. Yesterday was spent Christmas shopping then hurrying back to check guests into villas in Coral Bay. Of course, in my hurry, I’ve forgotten to buy half of the things I should have done but it doesn’t matter.

Today, the trees go up, assisted by the animals – and only if Tony can be roused from in front of the TV where he is snoozing in front of the fire (yes, its a little cold today)!

Charlie cat is snuggled in the warm. Molly, back in bed and Aflie flat out. Jake is making his own decisions: shall he wake Charlie up and chase him? Should he push Molly out of bed? Will he be able to steal the last bit of Tonys bacon butty which is on the plate next to Tony? will Alfie play football with him, so should he just lay back, grumble a bit more and wait for things to happen?…….He’s spotted that I’ve got everything out to make Sunday lunch and they all love Yorkshire puddings so Jake won’t want to be left out – so I think he is trying to behave so he gets his unfair share!

I’m torn between starting to make the lunch, decorate the tree or pick up the excellent book I’m reading. Life out of the office is very tough!

Category: Cyprus Villas News