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1st January 2010

December dawns……….

I saw the funniest thing on the way to the office today. The drive from home to our offices on the main road in Peyia, takes me through the old village, past the stone houses and alongside the courtyards. This is “cat country” but normally the Cypriot moggies are not out during the day and prefer to own the evenings/late nights. Its at this time that the terrorise the tourists, stealing food from the restaurants and generally causing mayhem (well, they’d like to!).

There was defnitely something going on today: the whole road down from our villa was littered with pussy cats: some looked a bit shady and others, very smart -but one cat in particular , looked the business: sat tall, looking very clean and spruce, this cat looked like he was wearing a dickie bow tie under his chin! I looked around for any pretty female cats whose fate may have been about to be sealed by this handsome little devil but there were none in sight!

Now, either said cat was waiting for a night on the tiles or he was off courting and wanted to look the part: either way, he really did look the business!

Whatever he was doing, I wish him luck. The sun is shining for him and its 25 degrees – so maybe he was on the hols?!

Category: Cyprus Villas News