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1st December 2016

It’s December so we can! (almost!)

Well the first of December is here and Christmas is fast approaching. With the annual 3 day rains falling heavily on the village of Peyia and Coral Bay area, the Municipality are hard at work trying to install the (electric), Christmas lights over the main road. Not a job for the feint hearted, I suspect!

In the office, the team are each full of the joys of the season, combining the normal day to day happiness and activity with colourful stories of their festive plans/hopes and dreams! The females amongst us are thinking menu/food shopping and pressies for others – the men, well, when is the Christmas Do and will there be a , “Boys’ Night” out!

Nicky, our newest team member who is one of the great blessings of the year to our businesses, decided to practice her cooking skills last night and to share the process with us! (Photos below) . Having moved into her new home, she realized she didn’t have a can opener but improvised beautifully, using a combined bottle opener/can piercing tool instead. The result was a very festive looking, star shaped opening in the can. Feeling pleased with herself, she photographed the ”star” can.

Then she turned the can over and noticed that there WAS a standard can opener on the bottom of the can: seems the label was upside down!…

Please don’t worry: we are so very much better at preparing wonderful villas and apartments with clean pools, than we are at preparation for cooking so you can book your tasty sunshine 2017 holiday with confidence! Email to