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16th October 2016

Dear Blog…

Oh, I’m so very happy to be writing to you again, Blog! It’s been ”one of those” times when a few things have happened and I thought, for a moment today, that we’d never find each other again! But here I am and there you are, so I’m breathing a HUGE sigh of relief and getting ready to explain….

Firstly, who in their right mind, sells me a computer which doesn’t like Gin and Tonic? I only split a TINY bit of GnT onto the keyboard a couple of weeks ago then, drat! Two weeks, tons of dosh and heartbreaking loss of ‘words/machine’ later, I have the computer back with a ‘separate’ keyboard coz the original one couldn’t sober up!

Then, I have to work for a week on an Ipiddlypad which doesn’t like to work. Looks pretty in it’s pink case but isn’t up to speed and that drives me CRAZY but then our lovely friends arrived for their annual ”one week in the sunshine talking rubbish'” and I’ve been able to chill out, have fun and forget about words….until now!

So you are back and we are together – though we almost weren’t. I couldn’t remember the login and have spent the passed hour getting a LITTLE (lot!) annoyed and frustrated. Still patience is a virtue – as , probably, is not drinking GnT next to a computer when you are working at night from home but hey, we cannot have everything!

What can I tell you? Well, the weather is stunning! I’ve actually got a tan and look like a holidaymaker! We’ve eaten at all of the wonderful local Peyia and Kathikas tavernas and I’ve fallen in love with ”chillout time” and this beautiful island , all over again.

Only problem I’ve got is, hydraulic lift envy.

Yes, you read that right! We’ve moored next to a ”posh’ boat which has a hydraulic lift on the back and which could, if attached to our little boat, a), capsize it coz it’s bigger than the boat BUT if it wasn”t bigger, could b) lift me out of the water in a graceful and attractive manner, instead of my having to ”haul” myself onto the steps, fall flat on my chest (if tummy number 4 doesn’t get in the way first), then kneel and shuffle onto the back. Not pretty.

Still, Peyia is lovely at this time of year. Well, at any time of the year actually and I’m content – as is my precious husband who is now upstairs sleeping off the weeks antics between watching football!

Life can be tough and life can be beautiful. This week has been the latter and I’m deeply grateful for my ‘lot” – and for being reunited with you , my lovely, friend, Blog!

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