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6th August 2016

Dear Blog- where is the time going?

I’m so sorry that I haven’t blogged for a while. August is upon us and with this wonderful month, comes the challenge of back to back holiday villa arrivals and departures. Hours are long, the temperature is HOT and the holiday guests are, in the main, great – but life happens!

This last week has been a mix of guests birthdays, one broken arm (guest after a little too much local wine!); dog bite, (one of our team was bitten) and constant battle with keeping the pool water clear and clean despite heavy use of suntan lotion.

Add the furry gang struggling in the heat and needing constant cuddles and aircon and a very welcome houseguest and we’re both shattered!

It’s great to see the village of Peyia and the resort of Coral Bay, teeming with happy faces – and it’s so good to be welcoming back families who’ve entrusted their holidays to us, year in, year out….

We’ve also added a ‘thank you ‘ night in Geitonia tavern for our team and their partners – and managed to break three of our fleet of vehicles during day to day business!

Then Barneys ‘best friend’, has accidentally driven her car through the doors of the big church in Peyia, (don’t ask) and another friend has needed help as she is nursing a broken heart…

Life happens in the sunshine! And all I can say is, Bring It On!

Come and join us in September and enjoy the heat of the summer in the calm of the start of Autumn. For villas with clean pools, email to

photo caliteri pool