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8th September 2017


I’ve really felt the need to be quiet over these past few weeks – something which isn’t easy to do in a houseful of happy visitors and the mayhem which is summer in the holiday season!

Having a broken leg has it’s advantages though: I’ve been able to work from home, sitting in one of my favourite spots, watching the goats meander by and sharing time with my furry gang.

My baby sister (aged 49 – how old am I?!) and her lovely husband are here on holiday and I’ve been looking at the village of Peyia and our life here, through their eyes: we are incredibly lucky but as they say, the harder you work, the luckier you get; nothing is free and life isn’t easy but it’s a wonderful adventure and holds daily miracles for sure.

Yesterday, Tony took me for a ‘mini airing’ into the office where I listened to a Canadian  man who’d just come to live in the area and was talking about how hard it is to find a decent job here  but how rich he and his family felt, in that their riches were the sunshine/the shrubs/the magnificence of the coastline and mountains – and he is so very right.

Work helps make a living but living makes a life – and I’m counting my blessings and enjoying living the moments, whatever shape my bones may be in!

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