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27th April 2021

Daydream Believer…..

So, Cyprus is back on a very strict lockdown for two weeks, which is a little unsettling considering this period includes Easter – and so this lockdown effects many people, very deeply.

Don’t get me wrong: lockdown is not good anywhere, anytime – though I catch myself occasionally grateful for the moments of still and peace in our home then have to ”pull myself up” and remember I’m not here to enjoy myself!

Of am I?

I’m north of 60 on the fast track months to 61 and have worked solidly, since the age of 17. This past year has seen the whole world turn upside down, currently in the most tragic ways, (sending thoughts to India at this point) – but the time has also caused a lot of us to take stock, less the rush and smell the roses , so to speak.

Luckily, I’m working – albeit on a support basis to the owners of lovely holiday villas and to guests whose holidays haven’t been able to happen but helping them, listening to their fears and working with them to adapt and change the things we can, has made me realise that the work I do is so much of a lifestyle, that it’s a natural part of my world – and it was only my own fears/need to succeed and rush forward at a million miles per hour, which tired me out.

I’m so grateful for being where I am right now: though I could do without the only Russian family I have here in villas, wanting me to ensure everyone of their favourite shops will deliver to them, regularly! And this include Jumbo, probably my idea of a nightmare but seemingly loved by old and young alike, from all countries – and I include my husband in this! (It’s a standing joke that he needs a, ”shopping wife” because I hate shopping with a passion and have to be dragged out with the promise of being home within 2 hours, and having a treat waiting at home for me! (Children, I feel your pain!).

Today, our home is peaceful. Tony is working as the team are on ”essential duties”; Barney T Rubble, whose slowly going downhill, is chilling by the front door, watching the cats as they tease him by lying just far enough away to not trouble him too much but are close enough to annoy him when they ”meow”.

I’ve cleared the first batch of emails/sorted out a few problems/dinner is prepared and chores are sort of done! (Another discovery these past months, is that I really don’t care too much about the house being pristine. I used to think I did and would long for the days of being home with time to clean – but now I think: No, I’ll do it tomorrow!)

Am not sure it’s healthy being alone constantly though. The washing machine has stopped talking to me though is still doing it’s job. The water cooler makes the odd noise to interrupt my thoughts and the birds are having the most loud argument but won’t let me join in! Very selfish!

Still, right now, it’s calm. I can potter and plan, daydream and believe that things WILL really get better. Set against what is happening across the globe, I remind myself how lucky I am to be in this moment, safely.

“Give me the strength to accept what I must; the courage to change what I should and the wisdom to know the difference”.

… Be safe. Be happy. It’s all okay x