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1st January 2010

Day two in the Bell hillside household

Tony Without Teeths number 2 son arrived early hours of yesterday complete with the terrorists, AKA Charlotte, 9 and Tom, 7. The threesome were tired out so only ate 4 family bags of crisps before falling asleep on the sofa………

Yesterday, was a splashing Saturday with fun in the pool and much catching up. The children are actually great fun and very well mannered – their Dad is great too though they’ve got him wrapped around their little fingers

Today, we’ve travelled to Latchi, to take a boat out only to find the sea was angry with something and going out on it, was not an option – so we did the only thing possible and ate some more……

then came home and splashed some more before eating some more….

They are staying with us till the 7th August and I’ve only one question to ask tony, ‘Are we there yet?’……………….

Patience is a virtue. Parenthood seems to be a sainthood!

Category: Cyprus Villas News