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1st January 2010

day two and counting…..

“Thought you were having your hair done?”….said Tony without teeth when I returned from the hairdressers after 2 hours. “Yes, I did”, I smiled. “I don’t like it” TWT said “and the weather is terrible. Its never like this in Benidorm?”…..

Having dropped TWT and The Deaf One off at The Mill in Peyia, I came to the office. “Thought you were having your hair done”, Tony with teeth asked. “Has she cut it? I don’t like it”…….

Still, it could be worse – couldn’t it? Pardon?!

(And for anyone who thinks I’m being rude about people who are deaf, I promise you I’m not, am just letting off steam – and learning sign language two. Will practice on Tony With Teeth…..)

Category: Cyprus Villas News