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1st January 2010

Day to day life here

I was sat in the Kafenes in Peyia, waiting for the queue in the bank to get smaller, listening to the locals and tourists chatting and smiling at the phrases/comments they used.

Got me thinking of things I hear , living here, which you wouldn’t hear in UK. For example:

“I am sorry your delivery is late but I remembered that my Aunt lives in Lefkara so I went to see her for lunch and we drank”…….lorry driver from Larnaca, two days late in Peyia.

“Here, I have brought some pomegranites for you from my garden”….our landlady

“What is wrong? I can help you. Tell me what is the matter”…..our pharmacist in Peyia when we went to get Tony some pain killers

“I will ring her now and ask her what is wrong”….same pharmacist when we went to get help for a customer whose daughter was ill.

“Come and see my ostriches”……local veg seller when we went to buy tomatoes!

“I picked this for you”, …. my neighbour as I parked my car at the office and he was picking flowers…

Lovely days!

Category: Cyprus Villas News