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1st January 2010

Day three in the sister-is-here household!!

So far, so good. My gorgeous baby sister is having a great time, as is her lovely daugher Ginny. dogs are being ruined (currently having their collective tummies tickled on the floor behind me as I write). Charlie cat is feeling better and better and has returned to the fold, sleeping on the settee and trying to punch Jake as he passes the settee….

Tonight, we’ve been to Yialos. Arrivals were all in by 6pm so we’ve had a family night – and what a collection we were:

– Tony , is very handsome, cool and could play poker easily. No expression shows, even shock at some of the things my family do

– Steph, baby sister, is a pink /leopard skin enthusiast: and I don’t think Cyprus has ever seen quite so much of either worn by one woman in one place at one time! Even her paper tissues are leopard skin!

– Ginny, 13 , slim and beautiful, is almost a Goth: I say almost coz she likes Goth style but does also like a little bling. Tonight, she was her mothers daughter, teaming gothic black with leopard skin boots, bag and sunglasses…..

– Me? I’m just overwhelmed to have these two wonderful females here with me and want to hold onto the moments and not let the week go by. I think I need to get a little more adventurous with my dress sense and a little less hung up on decorum – but we’re all different!

Happy Days – and, apparently, tomorrow, they are both dressing up to go out! I cannot wait!

Tony is going to the pub with The Great Raymondodoulou ……

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