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1st January 2010

day one in the three dog household……..

Almost at the end of day one! Jake has now spent the day in the house getting to know the animals and is suitably terrified of Molly Mou! We’ve got some work to do to get him used to Charlie Kitten though.

I’m still in two minds about keeping him: partly because the Peyia hill which we are on, is very steep – which means walking the dogs is very hard, especially as I’ll have to do two walks when Tony is out and the dogs need to be walked: one with Jake and one with Molly and Alfie. On one hand, I’ll get fit: on the other, my knees are likely to give way quicker than they might!

Jake is such a lovely big beast: friendly, loving and totally happy to be here with our dogs: I feel really bad even considering letting him go (but only to a VERY good home, you understand!).

Perhaps all we need in this household, is a good nights sleep: Jake most of all.

There are so many stray dogs in the Coral Bay region that I couldn’t bear to let Jake go thinking he may not be cared for as he deserves……

Maybe I should start by having a long chat with Charlie and asking him to be patient. Alternatively, I’ll bake him a lasagne (which he loves) and leave opened tins of tuna around in the kitchen: both moves seem to keep him close to home!

Tomorrow is another day. Let’s see what happens…………..

Category: Cyprus Villas News