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1st January 2010

day by day

Its a beautiful day here in Peyia. The sun is in the heavens. Susie F and The Great Raymondodoulou are in Nicosia, finalising their forthcoming wedding plans and the world is good…..

My heart is in pieces though: we’ve taken Alfie to see his vet, Nikolas and its becoming more and more apparent that our time together is very short: Alfie has lost another couple of kilos of muscle mass and is showing his age now……

Like us, Nikolas loves him and doesn’t want to let him go every bit as much as we dont BUT we all love him enough to do the right thing by him…

Its the hardest decision to make: love is love and Alfie is our precious, furry ‘son’ but its our honour and duty to look after him…

I’m praying for a little more time but I know we’ve got his love and our memories, forever ……

Now we’ve just got to be strong and sensible – after a VERY large GnT perhaps!

Category: Cyprus Villas News