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11th June 2013

Day 4 in the Big Barney T Rubble Household

Hello again
My mummy person is in a state of shock at how much mess I can cause in such a short space of time so I have to email to you again…..

I don’t understand. I thought she’d be happy that I have:
– learned to climb stairs
– have eaten the side of the sofa
– ‘read’ and swallowed the pages of Daddy persons pool training book
– learned to poo outside- (well, outside the bedroom door so the people slipped on it when they went out, tee hee!)

…………..and so much more! I’ve also learned to lie still, like a baby, hiding under the chair when people come so they all think, “ah, isn’t he cute ” – and I’m just not!

I’ve got Barney T Rubble plans! Watch this space! AND I’m nearly 9 weeks old so its time I carried them out!

Category: Cyprus Villas News