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1st January 2010

Day 3 in the Big Bailout household……

Well, its been an interesting day! We’ve had people coming and going in the office all day, asking for advice on everything from finances, to property values to escape routes!

Whilst not wanting to make less of the hugely serious situation Cyprus is in, it does seem ironic that the people asking us are either:
– rich beyond the norm
– safe longerterm because of their wealth
– (some) here illegally
– not worrying about anyone except themselves….

The Cypriot economy is most certainly in grave difficulty but we seem to be in a fight between Russian and German powers at the bottom line.

So many good, local people here are terrified. Many small businesses like ours, are also scared but in truth, what will be will be and we pray the island finds a way and everyone can move forward

I bumped into Costas, the bacon man , on the way home. He was upbeat and pleasant and we decided between us that, whatever happens, we still have the power to laugh at ourselves, drink coffee and dance!

Power to the real people!

Category: Cyprus Villas News