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1st January 2010

‘daughter” dog to work day…..

So, there I was feeling guilty about Molly Mou being ‘home alone’ again and not wanting to trouble Susie F (who is an angel on legs where this little doggy is concerned) ….so I came home at 12, put Molly in the truck and took her to work.

BIG mistake!

firstly, she wiggled so much onto my knee that I crashed Tonys truck into a railing and damaged the side THEN she got out of the truck via my knee and ‘dribbled’ on my dress THEN she walked into the office, tail wagging and proceeded to ‘shout’ at everything and everyone in sight, driving us all crazy and forcing me to ‘give in’ and bring her home…..

I get her home and she SMILES thankfully, jumps on the settee with her brother Charlie cat and ‘asks’ me to leave her in peace coz she needs a snooze!

I’m on tablets now and she’s in our bed!

Now WHO is suffering here?……LOL!

Category: Cyprus Villas News