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12th September 2016

Dance Pants!

Children are totally wonderful.

Max, one of our 3 nephews, is only 3 years old but has such an amazing imagination. He and his sister, who is 8, stayed with us recently for a couple of weeks holiday and they were such a joy to spend time with. Lily is creative, loves colours, drawing, swimming and having her hair braided! Max loves his Dad – and everything else in the world but in that order.

We were all out together on one of the last evenings before they went home, walking through Coral Bay, where we’d stopped and had THE best ice cream ever, when we bumped into a friend of mine. We were discussing with her, how loud the music was which was coming from the nearby disco when Max looked up and said, “Do you want to see my Dance Pants?”.

We all laughed but said, “yes, we’d love to” – wondering what was going to happen next. This tiny , gorgeous little soul, then simply pulled his shorts down, lifted his shirt up and wriggled his tiny bottom , in his ‘clean white dance pants’. He was so very proud of himself and his ‘moves’ – it was hard not to laugh hysterically at what he’d done and the innocence of it!

Strangely, my friend disappeared quickly – and left us giggling. Luckily for me, Max decided to show his ‘dance pants’ to The Great Raymondodoulou the very next day, so I got to realise they really were something he was VERY proud of – and they made him wiggle, happily!

Maybe we should all have ‘dance pants’. I’m certainly going to look for some!

If you’ve got the moves and want to show them to us, come and rent a holiday villa with private pool, in Coral Bay or Peyia. Bookings being taken for winter sun!

photo below is Max with Barney, probably planning some mischief!