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28th March 2017

Daisy’s donkey

Well, here is a tale to be told!

Emma and Christian are moving home in Peyia, so need to clear out some of the ”stuff” which we humans manage to accumulate over the years….

Having two children, who’ve grown from babies to older children (well, 5 and 8/almost 9!!, in the years they’ve lived here), means that there is a whole lot of ”stuff” which has a childs emotion entwined in it – and a whole load of mud/smells/tears and crap too!

So Emma is being ruthless and, while Daisy and Charlie have been at school, Emma has sorted through a lot of the old toys/soft toys and donated sacks full of the aforementioned ‘stuff” to the animal sanctuary…..

Sadly, this particular animal sanctuary is on the main road which runs through Peyia: the same main road which Emma has to travel daily, to collect Daisy and Charlie from school and take them home   – and the sanctuary have decided that they were going to use the stuffed donkey, which used to be Daisy’s , as their mascot……

At the front door of the shop; in full view of the traffic and cleaned up/wearing shades and looking the business…………..

Emma is going to divert on her journeys from now on. Daisy is, currently, none the wiser as to the demise of her donkey and we are all giggling about the whole thing but thanking our lucky stars that we weren’t the ones who stole the donkey from Daisy and gave it to a new home. Piglet, Daisy’s favourite is great but when she knows Donkey is gone, there will be BIG trouble – as Emma knows well! (Christian did tell Emma she shouldn’t give the donkey away without Daisy knowing but hee-hawlways know best!). Happy days!

Come and join in the fun. Book a villa with pool, donate to the animal sanctuaries in the area and wave to Daisys donkey in Peyia! For villas with pools and lovely apartments in great locations, emails to (photo below is Daisy on the phone in the office trying to trace her missing toys. I didn’t dare show a photo of donkey)…..


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