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12th May 2013

Daisy does it!

I had the great pleasure yesterday, of spending the afternoon with Daisy, the two year daughter of Emma and Christian, who both work with us. Christian had a job to finish in the afternoon and Emma wasn’t well: she was tucked up at home in bed also nursing their son Charlie, who is 5…..Anyway, with no-one to babysit coz granny and granddad were also ill, they asked me to ‘sit’ – which I was delighted to do!

Daisy and her family are from Bradford. They’ve lived here around 18 months and love Peyia as much as we do. I love them all: they are a great family and the children are gorgeous. Daisy is a total character, very much her ‘own’ person. From arriving at our home, where she met our friend Charly, Barney T Rubble monster pup, Molly Mou and Charlie Cat, she ‘took control’ and talked the afternoon away. ‘We’ baked – and I can tell you that I wouldn’t have wanted to be one of the eggs she cracked or the mixture she whisked! This little cherubic curly haired girl has strength! Fascinated with toilets at the moment (particularly if they are downstairs), Daisy questioned and giggled – and bossed the dogs and cat around like no-ones business….

Emma thanked me for babysitting but I actually had a ball and want to do it again. Daisy rocks!

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