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20th February 2016

Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer, do!

I’ve spent a precious couple of hours this morning, in the company of Daisy, the FIVE year old daughter of Emma and Christian, who work with us and are also great friends of ours. (The FIVE written in capital letters, is very important coz Daisy used to be 4 until recently, when she became FIVE with such emphasis when spoken, it deserves it in writing!..)

While Christian helped Tony with a repair at our home, Daisy and I played with the furry gang and chatted about life and other nonsense. She is a wealth of stories and observations, befitting a 9 year old – but she’s also picking up the Greek language with an ease that makes me feel very inadequate! I used our time to try to remember words, prompting her to tell me them by asking stupid questions eg about the colours of flowers , which we then had to sing in English and Greek, as well as trying to explain the names of family members. Hearing her speak Greek is so good: like her brother Charlie, who hasn’t finished being 7 years old yet, (I’m told!), she is learning this interesting new language at school in Peyia. Natural enough for her, I’m still struggling after 14 years of living here and 4 years of school for adults! I think I’ll have to spend more time with Daisy (which is never a chore).

If you’d like to hear the Greek language and are looking to spend some time in the sunshine in a villa with clean pool, here in Coral Bay or Peyia, email to me at for details and availability. I’ll ask Daisy how to spell some of the words and will even try to reply with a little bit of Greek!

The photo below shows Daisy chilling out after having had a swim in the “Thalassa” , near Latchi. (that’s the sea to you and I!)

photo princess daisy on a boat