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1st January 2010

Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer , do…….

Alfie is betrothed. He cannot get engagement, obviously, coz he cannot afford to buy his intended an engagement ring – and she wouldn’t be able to fit one on her lovely paws, so a betrothal it is.

He hasn’t met Daisy, who we’ve chosen for him. No, this is a carefully selected match of one quality, lovely natured and beautiful animal to another. We met Daisy only this week but have known her parents for a while (Tina, her mummy, is our accountant) so we know that she is from a good home and will have been well brought up.

She’s also got kind eyes, a waggly tail and beautiful markings plus a wonderful nature- so I think she is good enough for our precious Alfie!

Course, we’ll let her stay living in her home and Alfie stays with us. They can see each other now and again but there won’t be any naughty stuff (they are both safely out of the situation). Maybe just gentle walks and lots of snuggling and sniffing…

I think they both deserve affection from each other. Daisy has had to open her paws and home to new puppies who are very demanding and Alfie has to put up with Jake – so its high time these two wonderful dogs had some of their own fun.

Ah. Its so romantic. I may have to buy a hat! x

Category: Cyprus Villas News