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7th December 2018

daily smiles

There are so many good people here in the Peyia area. I’ve just been to the bank and had a giggle with one of the tellers there, who was talking about the tourists wearing their scanty holiday clothes whilst we locals are all wrapped up in layers of warmth! (Well, it has dropped to 17 degrees!).

Then I nipped to see the lovely Jackie, our local dressmaker, to get the sleeves of my Christmas dress, taken up, only to find that there were supposed to be folded back and buttoned – hence the buttons on them!

Jackie, who is Irish, was laughing at me – not least because I’d just told her the story of a friend of ours who had popped into a village newsagent while he was on holiday in Ireland and asked for a newspaper. The lady asked if he wanted today or yesterdays paper because, as she explained to our friend, he could have yesterdays, today or today’s, tomorrow……

Smiling, I’m back in the office where a HUGE chocolate cake has been delivered, courtesy of Emma’s mum.

Some days are just good fun!

If you’d like to join us here for a sunshine holiday in Coral Bay or Peyia, have a look at our villas with clean pools and apartments in great locations. Check out and book early! Will introduce you to the locals when you’re here!

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