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1st January 2010

daily patterns…

What a beautiful day and glorious sunset. The skies are full of sand during the day, making the air heavy and extra warm but the sunsets are amazing. The dogs and I were out walking on the hill in Peyia tonight and I had to stop and just stare- which was a great help coz I could barely breathe, having walked up the steep hill in record time!

The colours were lovely and I wanted to capture them and never let them go………its a wonderful way to end a day. Very special……

Equally special was wandering through the Old Paphos Market, choosing table clothes and table centres for my Mum. The colours and fabrics are gorgeous but the trouble I have is choosing which one to have – so I have to buy two or three. Then keep them so I have to go back to get more etc…….

The Peyia district and area of Paphos are filled with a tapestry of colours; interesting fabric of life and textured tales told daily in the kafenes. I cannot imagine living anywhere else now. Its like being an extra in a slow moving film, where nothing really happens but the days roll on and all is well…..