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23rd May 2014

daily life? Same stuff, different temperature!

I giggle to myself often when friends and family members tell me how lucky I am to live here: the illusion is that the sun is shining, so real world doesn’t exist. I think they imagine that electricity is provided free of charge; that we have a wine tree growing in the garden and an endless money pot under the patio, where we place the cash we get from doing nothing more than sunbathing………….its very funny really!

Life IS great here and we are so very lucky to live in Cyprus – but life is also real here, with daily challenges/unexpected changes to the plan of the day – and the same bills and worries as everyone else.

This has been a very ‘real ‘ week: a mix of wonderful blessings in the form of love and help from guests in villas, who have, over the years, become friends to us; support from our team, who are so ‘on side’ I could cry – and challenges determined to make me a stronger person (Character building, my nanna would have said). From Mums second week here with us beginning, to Tony being rushed unexpectedly into hospital on Monday; to our water cooler ‘breaking’ and flowing its (full of course), contents all over the floor to Barney ripping a nail off his paw while trying to escape his operation for ‘the snip’ (and who can blame him!), its been a tough one but is ending with us still here to tell the tale – and Mum tiddled in a friends wine bar in Coral Bay, where she is waiting for me to come and collect her!

Problems? Sunshine? Bring ’em on!

If you’d like to share daily life here with me in Peyia, email to me on Looking forward to sharing life stories and finding a perfect getaway holiday villa for you and your family!