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25th July 2015

Cyprus Villas – learning new skills

A great friend and mentor of mine, Harry Dunne, taught me many things but one of the favourite phrases he shared with me was, “Be forever a scholar”. I cherish that line and try to live by it – but fail miserably in the most simple areas: perhaps common sense isn’t my thing?

As an example, while Tony and I were on a much needed weeks holiday in June, our wonderful Aunt Carole, whose passion for life and people is like no-ones I’ve met, decided she was frustrated with , (in her words), “F n Spin”, which was the setting I always used on the washing machine in our kitchen. So, armed with a carefully planned drawing of the washing machine dial, complete with the settings written as they were, in Greek, she went off to Phillipos Supermarket in Peyia and demanded a translation.

On returning home from hols, I have now been taught how to use the washing machine properly, learning the many different settings – and miraculously, some clothes don’t shrink now! (Though socks still mysteriously disappear into the ether)!

Seems I should ‘walk my talk ‘ and learn what I need more often! Sorry Harry – and thank you Carole!

Anyway, what I have learnt well over the past few years, is how lucky we are to have such great villa owners who work hard with us to ensure their villas are ready for holidaymakers – and who are always willing to learn from their guests, what more they could do. A case in point this week, are the owners of the stunning Coral Rosa villa in Coral Bay, who were more than happy to be critiqued by Mr Brigden and will now make a few changes which will be good for the villa and great for the guests – and we hope Mr Brigden will return too!

If you’d like to learn more about our villas with pools in Coral Bay and Peyia – and the offers on holidays for winter sunshine 2015 or summer 2016, drop me an email to and I’ll share all I know!

The photo below is the kitchen in Coral Rosa – where I’ve just learned how to work the oven and hob!