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24th September 2015

Cyprus Villas: its take your daughters toy to work day!

Oh, I love Emma dearly but had to laugh at her yesterday: we had to go to see the owners of the beautiful Coral Rosa villa and went in Emmas car as mine was off the road.

Arriving at the villa, we each opened the back doors of the car, to get our individual notebooks, pens and files, Emma popped hers under her arm then reached back into the car for Piglet, her daughter Daisy’s favourite possession – and popped Piglet under her arm too.

Turning to march up the stairs to meet the owners, Emma stopped and turned as I was behind her giggling. “What?”, she asked. “Why have you got Piglet?”, I answered.

“Oh Bummer”, she replied, “I’m so used to carrying Piglet everywhere for Daisy, I just picked him up automatically”. …. I so wished I hadn’t mentioned this little creatures presence and had just let Emma wander up to meet Debbie and David. They would have loved this!

If you’d like to meet Piglet, Daisy or Emma and have a wonderful holiday in Coral Rosa villa or any of the others in Coral Bay or Peyia, email to us on

“What day is it?” , asked Winnie the Pooh of Piglet . “Today”, replied Piglet. “Oh good”, said Winnie, “That’s my favourite day”…….(with thanks to the author of these wonderful stories, for this lovely quote!).

photo piglet