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25th June 2015

Cyprus Villas in Coral Bay – fishing for, erm, compliments!

Despite living in paradise, my lovely hunky husband is always looking for things to do/places to go/ stuff to enjoy (!) – and his latest thing is to have a fish tank in our home!

Well, I was against this totally until I read an article yesterday which said that , in Arizona, they have found a fish which has almost human teeth and which, well, likes to eat mens ‘private parts’…..

So, I’m ordering a fish tank. Have sent off for the species mentioned and, well , I’ll explain to Tony later about the ‘rare and exquisite’ fish that will be in our tank.

Luckily , the lovely holiday villas we look after, are fully furnished and look gorgeous/have everything they need, so we don’t need to add fish or add anything – they are ready, waiting and welcome as they are!

If you’d like to come for a holiday – and check on how tony is getting on, email to us on and I’ll let you know about our special offers!

Another rare and exquisite species, is our great niece, Scarlett, aged 13 months. Pictured below with me in Peyia Tavern.

photo scarlett and lynn smiling