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1st January 2010

cyprus villas? How can we help you…

One of the funniest things about Tony and I living and breathing our Cyprus villa holiday company, is that we work 24/7. This means that we take calls constantly, at all times of day and night. In fact, it always surprises me that people decide to choose and book their villa in Cyprus at the strangest times.

A few that spring to mind include 5 minutes to midnight on New Years Eve. The call came from UK and we were already 2 hours into the cyprus new year, so the call was handled very delicately!

The mobile phone for, is kept with us 24/7 – and through the night, it graces our bedside, ringing regularly with questions about the holiday villas/cyprus and checking the offers we have on the site!

Walking the dogs late at night up the hill, we heavy breathe on clients who ring to check their cyprus villa reservation – or are so out of puff that we have to just listen and try to get them to understand that we’ll ring back later!

During a rare holiday of ours, at 4am local time, we took a call for which Tony deserved an Oscar: we were both fast asleep, on holiday and it was the middle of the night, but Tony sat bolt upright, did a perfect “Cyprus villas , how can we help you” then proceeded to hold a 20 min conversation about our villas and the benefit of choosing Cyprus villas. I was totally amazed!

I suppose that is what makes us different to other villa holiday companies though: we really do care about our guests and live our business, which is why we do make ourselves available.

Tonight, Tony is doing the checkins at 11pm and 5pm – and I’m having a good nights sleep – but the phone is with me!