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8th May 2015

Cyprus – Phenominal!

As the warm spring months heat up with the approach of summer, the island itself warms through while the sea slowly tries to raise its temperature to welcome even more happy swimmers.

Early May, it seems that the Sun Goddess turns up the heat suddenly, leaving Neptune with the task of drawing his ‘unfair share of heat’ quickly but there is a morning, which happens to be today, when the sea is so much cooler than the air and land, that a huge mist cloud envelopes the island and moves across the water, seeming to ‘devour’ everything in its path. Its spectacular to watch! I’ve tried to photograph it from our hilltop viewpoint (see below) but don’t think I’ve done it justice!

Best thing is to book your own holiday in Cyprus Villas in Coral Bay and Peyia – and see for yourself!

photo of the mistphoto mist from our housefacebookbutton