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1st January 2010

Cyprus Office Politics

Our new (to be posh) offices have opened in Peyia – and we love ’em!

Only slight problem is that we can hardly get any work done due to the wonderful and constant stream of Cypriot friends and their cousins/aunties/uncles/neighbours who “pop in” for a “coffee”…..

Taking coffee is a serious business here: and business isn’t serious at all!

So you’ve got clients to meet? Have a coffee!

So you’re on two telephones and the internet? Have a coffee

So you’re just running out of the door to trouble shoot for a client who is locked out? Have a coffee………….

You get the picture!!

Its really hard to be firm and friendly – and not drink too much coffee. Course the added challenge is that, taking coffee here means also having 17 cakes (freshly baked), cheese and fresh fruit; all of which must be chopped up and served fresh.

I’m thinking of rebranding the villa rental offices into a cafe and recruiting a chef.

Need to think very carefully about this so, am off to have a coffee……