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1st January 2010

Cyprus Fashion Week

Well it may all be happening with Fashion Week in the UK but its got nothing on the fashion happenings here in Peyia!

Alfie dog, who is doing very well and getting stronger every day, has to wear clothes to keep his (many) stitches safe from his own and his furry familys’ prying teeth and paws. So far this week, Alfie has sported:
– A CPO t shirt, so he looked like a pool care expert
– Peyia Football Strip: so he was ready for a game – well maybe in a month or so when he’s stronger
– a very fetching pink Tshirt which, for some reason, Tony didn’t want to wear
– one of my cyprusvillas t shirts which fit him beautifully
and also, a fussy girls smock type shirt, which looks a little feminine but he seems to find most comfortable

Hope his friends don’t see him. They’ll think he’s had a different sort of operation!

Am keeping him away from our holiday villa guests too: don’t want them feeling too sorry for him and trying to feed him. He is already totally ruined!