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1st January 2010

Cynical? Moi?

It is a beautiful September day. Gentle breezes and boiling sun coming through clear blue skies. The heat isn’t oppressive – more relaxed and enjoyable than August – and its certainly brought out many happy couples today!

From the window of our office, I’ve seen 6 wedding cars go up to the Peyia gardens today. Brides, bedecked with flowers, sparkly tiaras and smiles and groomes looking plain terrified!…….

Wedding days are marvellous things! Its what you do afterwards that can be very scary. You’ve planned for months or years/chosen the outfits/flowers/food/venue/etc etc and spent a fortune – then you go home and, probably, row!

Personally, I think we girlies should just be allowed one or two “Dress up for Life Days” when we can wear the big meringue and carry flowers; be feted by those who love us and get diamonds……… need to have a man there unless they want to be there and no need to add the pressure of signing up for marriage.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m happily married (and so, as I tell him, is Tony!) but I just think the pressure of the occasion sometimes gets in the way of the reason for it: lets just dress to impress and find a quiet corner some other time to pledge our troth – or not!

Actually, think I’m just a bit jealous: saw a bride in a stunning dress and carrying the most beautiful cream flowers – she looked amazing. I want to go home, dress up and walk round carrying flowers in the sunshine……will probably just go back and skip straight to the champagne celebration and speakers! What do you mean, no-one will listen?! Alfie, jake and Molly are very attentive and hang on my every word (when they aren’t hanging on each others neck!).

Fancy a good old wedding bash? I do…….

Category: Cyprus Villas News