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14th September 2016

The curious tale of the naughty coffee table legs

Susie Floozy is wonderful – and showed this side of hers again last week while she very lovingly looked after the furry gang for us so we could go to the UK for my Dads funeral.

It’s not easy looking after the twosome: Molly is 14 and can be a little dithery plus is going deaf. Barney T Rubble, 3 years old and 62 kilos, is much easier to care for – except that he likes to be wherever you are and is always in the way. He’s so very big, he takes up all of the ‘move around ‘ room in every space.

‘Course we forgot to tell Susie F that the coffee table in the lounge was being a bit naughty too! Last winter, a tiny but sweet gas fire maintenance man, called to visit to repair the fire; fell over Barney T Rubble on the way to the fire and landed ‘splat’ on the coffee table – and it’s never been the same since! (And we hear that the gas man has retired too!). Anyway, suffice to say, Barney was in the way, Susie F was walking into the lounge to settle on the settee, stepped over Barney, knocked against the table and the wobbly legs, wobbled and fell off – with the coffee table landing heavily on the floor!

Susie was mortified and thought she’d broken it! Barney stayed put and Molly ran to hide. As the table is so very heavy, Susie had to prop it up on cushions then ring The Great Raymondodoulou to come and help her put the legs back on. Which she has – upside down!

Still, Susie and the furries are in one piece! The coffee table legs look odd but are a great talking point – and we’re home now, so all is good – though we have to put coffee cups on the floor!

Thankfully, our holiday villas are in better order! If you’d like to rent a holiday villa in Coral Bay where the furniture and the management team behave well and keep their legs, firmly ‘the right way up’ (!), email to us on We’ll even make the coffee for you!

Photo below is of Barney being brave and ‘hiding’ under the naughty table!


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