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1st January 2010

Cupboard Love….

Staying with us at the moment and two of the most wonderful people in the world: our friends David and Jennie. They arrived late yesterday, after a frantic start to the day, including an airport dash, (David driving) and some serious charming of the not-so-easily-charmed airport staff (Jennie!).

By the time they alighted from the plane at Paphos and got to our home, they were shattered – but ready to assist with the consumption of Gin n Tonics and a few bottles of wine!

The night rolled on happily, as they always do when we are together. Wine flowed, conversation was vibrant and voices got louder. None of us wanted to leave the table to go to the loo: it was all too much fun.

David was the first to give in but he was talking so much, he couldn’t stop talking as he left his seat and elegantly (he’s like that!), walked towards the door – of the cupboard!

I tried very hard not to laugh or stop him. He was in deep sentence and being surprisingly eloquent for a man who’d consumed so much alcohol on a very tired brain! Hand firmly on door, David made his final point and sashayed into the tumble dryer behind the door………….

Twas a lovely moment and we look forward to many, many more during their too short 14 day stay with us here in paradise!

Category: Cyprus Villas News