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1st January 2010

Cuddles across the countries….

Cyprus is in a little bit of a pickle at the moment, to say the least. While the country remains financially insolvent, the ‘powers that be’ are playing their ‘power games’ with gusto and great strength….

At the moment, as I write, we have ‘checkmate’ and are waiting for a solution to the crisis which may come from Russia/ the Church (here)/Europe/savers on the island – or a mix of the above. Or, it seems, none of the above.

We go about daily life not knowing if our island is to be a ‘pawn in a power game’ and be left to its own devices or if a hero will come along and help…..its a political game, played by great powers but its a dangerous game.

On the ground, people are scared. Understandably. Life is difficult anyway but we’re in someone elses hands…

The GREAT thing about life is that there is always a cuddle to be had when you most need it – and today, we’ve had two wonderful ‘international hugs’. Each , unexpected and both so very welcome. Thank you SO much to Hayley, Tonys beautiful daughter and Carrie and Chris, who own ISIS apartment. Your thoughts and care have made a massive difference today!