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8th January 2017

CSI Sister!

Tony and I love to watch the many American crime series! From Castle to Law & Order, CSI New York to CSI Miami, we are avid viewers of the drama and wonderful ways of using the evidence to ”tell the story” and catch the criminal!

So , we were thrilled to bits to learn that my brilliant baby sister, Steph, is to become a ”csi”, trading her undervalued job as a blood clot for a very exciting one working with a company who support the police and social services, by taking DNA /blood etc samples, to assist the authorities in their work! I”m more excited than Steph , I think and have already written the outline of her very own series – where Tony , the furry gang and I will have to have supporting roles of course! In fact, I always carry sellotape and talcum powder in case there is a need for an urgent finger print to be taken, so it’s all looking very good!

Well done, Steph! So proud of you – but I want ALL of the gory details, always!

Anyway, talking of crimes, you really would be committing one if you didn’t book your summer 2017 Cyprus sunshine villa or apartment now! With prices at 2016 levels and more and more to look forward to, these villa holiday deals are not only excellent value, they are a steal! Go on – email to me : and I’ll send you a full report, immediately – no finger prints needed!