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1st January 2010

Crossed wires and cake……….

What a wonderful day I had yesterday! Lovely cards and wishes from my most favourite people in the world – gorgeous card from my animal family (Alfie wrote it coz Jakes paws are too big to hold the pen); flowers, pressies and a lovely dinner……….

As it was Vanessas birthday too, I wanted to have a glass of wine with her before we went to dinnner but Tony wouldn’t go: I was trying not to get cross but I really, really wanted to see Vanessa and wish her happy birthday. As Tony and I got ready to go out, I was getting more and more stressed but trying hard not to say anything to upset the evening.

In the car, going down the hill in Peyia, Tony wouldn’t even talk to me. AAAAAARGH! Then he turned towards Vanessas house and said he was collecting a key from James (Vanessas husband) and this made me even more cross! I didn’t have any wine with me and didn’t want to just call in without any….

Pulling up outside the house, there were Vanessa and James, all dressed up and ready to go out for dinner – with us! Tony had invited them secretly as a surprise for me and a treat for Vanessa and I. I was totally thrilled, very embarrassed and ready to punch Tony for getting me so uptight then doing something wonderful.

I’ve got to learn to chill out a bit: when Tony goes quiet, he’s up to something and its normally something lovely!!

Category: Cyprus Villas News