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23rd September 2020

Covid, family and villa holidays.

This is such a strange and worrying time for everyone worldwide. Whilst we are so very lucky that Cyprus is one of the safest countries in the world, in terms of extremely low numbers of cases of Covid/low number of deaths during the peak, the businesses and individuals on the island have had to suffer the pain of complete lockdown and loss of main businesses, to be safe.

Like so very many tourist businesses, we’ve struggled and are struggling , through what looked like an excellent pre booked holiday villa year but has ended up with villas standing empty , while people who wished to come, couldn’t due to restrictions at this end and those of their own countries.

At the end of the day, we’re safe and grateful for that. Now the hope is that the courage of the government here, will spread across to those who are worrying about their economies while fighting the virus too: it’s a sensitive and complex balance.

The owners of the holiday villas in Coral Bay and Peyia, have been incredible. To a man, they’ve helped those who had booked with them, to either come next year or have their deposit returned. They’ve worked with me to ensure everything is as trouble free as it possibly can be, so stress levels are kept down – and our shared financial concerns have been unspoken. We each believe that things WILL improve and will stick together to help this happen.

Probably like many people too, I’ve felt the fears and the isolation – particularly being so very far away from family. It’s easy to feel alone and scared, especially when this is all unknown.

Recently, I’ve been so very lucky to have had a couple of my family be able to fly over and stay with us – and what a difference it has made, to be surrounded by loved ones; to be able to share fears and laughter – and to just be together, safely. I’m so grateful for this time and feel energised by being in our ”loving bubble”.

I’ve also been heartened to welcome a few holiday villa guests, some of whom have booked last minute and some who’ve simply been committed to coming, at whatever the stress /cost: it’s been wonderful seeing smiling faces in beautiful villas. Thank you for your trust in us, to each of you who have come and are arriving in the next few days.

Autumn is coming now and with it, changing colours/light and stunning sunsets. The sun is still shining and will continue to – but I also now it will come back to full glory again.

As will our lives!

Be safe; be happy; be at peace! Then come back to Cyprus when you can!

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