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1st January 2010

Courage and wedding

Tomorrow, Christine gets married. She is an identical twin: and its hard to believe two such perfectly beautiful blond ladies exist in the world – and that one is only just getting married!

Christine and Rachel, her sister, are amazing. Their mum, Ags, passed away suddenly 8 weeks ago. Christine was then diagnosed with breast cancer which has been shown to be a very aggressive type -so things have been exceptionally tough….

There is a saying, that god gives us what we can cope with: these two incredible ladies are coping with so much and we are pray that tomorrow is filled with love, happiness, fantastic memories of Ags and family and friends celebrating with the bride and groom…

My Mum is going to the wedding so I know the champagne will flow- especially as Mum will celebrate for her AND Ags!

With Angel Wings wrapped around you, Christine, have the best day and here’s to happy ever after! xx