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14th December 2018

Countdown to Christmas

It’s been an interesting day here in Peyia!

The morning began with a huge rainbow ‘smiling’ over the sea – or probably laughing as, within minutes of appearing, the heavens opened and the heaviest rain came throwing itself down upon us!

Rain is good – except when you are up against a deadline to finish relining a very lovely, large pool here in Peyia – and the team doing the work, are on Christmas leave from tonight!

Still, as it does here on the island, in this interesting weather phase, the sun broke through around 11 am, winning the battle to claim the day! The pool is now complete, the customers are delighted – and we are breathing a HUGE sigh of relief!

The day has brought a few smiles too: according to a very gorgeous 4-year old, pigs eat bacon which they get from America, where it grows in the ground! We’ve been inundated with kindness too: from homemade coffee liqueur to bottles of wine and boxes of chocolates, our customers have been amazing, gifting us with pressies and thank yous. Really, it’s we who should be thanking them for their trust – but we love the thoughts (and offerings)!.

So am sat in the office, finalising another August 2019 villa holiday booking, looking out at the sunshine and trying to look past the chocolates, thanking my lucky stars for another Peyia day shared with good people.

Without question, the team and many of the locals, are ”demob’ happy as the run down to Christmas celebrations gets shorter. For me, other than remembering to get the bits I need to cook for 10 on Christmas Day, the days are the same as always: precious, happy (in the main), challenging at times and interesting always. Am ready for more of the same in 2019!

Here’s to the weekend and last minute holiday villa booking enquiries! Remember, prices are held at 2018 rates for early booking! Email to

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