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1st January 2010

Cool Dogs!

Its that time of year again! The early morning sting has gone out of the heat of the sun as September takes hold and we’re eased gently from light breezes into late 30 degree heat. Totally lovely. Humidity has eased too and the air is light, pleasant and a pleasure to be walking around in.

Do I have a thermometer? No, no need – I’ve got three hairy dogs whose attitude to life has , quite literally, changed overnight!

Gone are the lazy, sleepy lumps laid in all the wrong places in the house (well,almost – the male person offender still takes up a bit of space till bodily moved out !).

Instead, we’ve got lively, playful doggie monsters who are running, chasing Charly and Tiff = and, given half a chance, dive bombing our bed in the early morning to get us up to play.

Jake has resumed his 20 laps of the pool in the morning: Alfie is bringing his lead instead of hiding it – and Molly is settling for 300 tummy tickles instead of constant all day long ones, so she has time to play.

Sad thing is, I’m SHATTERED! Now I want to sleep for at least a week!!

Since June, we’ve been running around happily settling guests in villas from Sea Caves to Peyia; we’ve done the overnight welcomes/early morning arrivals and late night callouts . Wonderful as its been so far, its hard work in the intense heat!

Now, the sun is a bit kinder but the numbers of arrivals , aren’t – but at least it is possible to wear lipstick for more than an hour without it melting – and I even ventured a little sleeve on a blouse yesterday! Unheard of in almost 50 degrees!

September is a very special month in Cyprus: the island seems to breath a sigh of relief and the flowers open again to the sun. People look less stressed and the smiles are in abundance – totally lovely.

Come and see for yourselves! With two gorgeous new villas on our books, we’ve a bed made up and waiting for you!

Category: Cyprus Villas News