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1st January 2010

Cooking up a storm…..

I’m now officially Tonys “comical chef”.

Yes, you read that right: no commis chef status for me: I’m not that good. I just try to pull together ingredients which seem to be able to work with each other then Tony comes home, shouts a bit and puts it all right.

Take tonight: I’ve attempted salmon cakes – er, with tuna and mash and accidentally putting butter in the mix so it was too runny . Tony strode in, added flour and breadcrumbs, tested his mixture then fried it to perfection – though not until he’d added various herbs to the mix.

Me? I stepped back. Poured a large G n T and went upstairs to run a bath while my tea is being prepared…..

Comical? Yes. But I get the last laugh!!

Category: Cyprus Villas News