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1st January 2010


So, what do we do?
We’ve now got out beautiful stone breakfast table, which is sitting proudly (though on a strange angle!) in our breakfast room outside and looks lovely……

The table needed a JCB to bring it up the hill and was then cemented onto two rocks to keep it steady – so it cannot be moved – but it is too tall for the chairs – and they cannot be propped up easily……..

Susie F and I tested sitting on double cushions yesterday to see if this would help but we kept losing our balance (though the wine might have played a part in this!).

I have found a man in Paphos who sells bar stools (which are too tall) but could saw the legs down to ensure the chairs are the right height – but there are 6 sets of chair legs to saw down: the man had very strangely cut moustache and hair and I’m not sure that I can take the risk of investing in so many opportunities to make a mistake!

Perhaps we’ll just use it as a buffet table? Then people can stand and get their food bringing it back to the other table?……

Where is Jake when you need him? He could have dug another large hole so the table sank into it and the existing chairs would have fit perfectly!

No wonder we all drink! From a glass on a great height now!

Category: Cyprus Villas News