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1st January 2010

Continuing the waggly tale…..

Alfie has spent the day in the loving hands of Nicolas and Annie, the new vets who have opened a surgery next to our shops. Whilst our existing vet has cared very well for our gang for many years, Alfies symptoms and illness have beaten her – and we had to seek a second opinion. Typically, I’ve been wracked with guilt for doing this as I felt I’d offended the vet but everytime I look at Alfies trusting face, I know we;ve got to do whatever we need to, to help him.

Today, Alf has had a scan, biopsy and blood tests – and Nicolas walked him back to our office after 5 hours of giving care and attention to this lovely animal. Nicolas face said it all: there is a big problem; they’ve found some indicators of it, including , in his words “A huge liver: no other organs can be seen – its huge” , and some liver problems in his blood….

So , at last, we have a starting point to find the real problem. Once the results of the biopsy come back, we’ll know more and in the meanwhile, Alfie is off steroids and on antibiotics, cuddles, walks and playtime.

We debated whether or not to go to the new vets as they are young and we didn’t know anything about them but I have to say, what they lack in years of experience, they’ve made up in true loving care. I think Alfie would say the same, as they’ve spent more time asking him things than asking us!

Alfs health and the outcome is uncertain tonight but the love he’ll get, from these two dedicated vets as well as us, is very certain – as is the fact that Alf will run upstairs anytime now, to the lounge, to climb on the settee to sleep. Jake is already in his place on the other settee!

Sleep well animals. xxxx

Category: Cyprus Villas News