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1st January 2010

Continuing the waggly tail…….

Am delighted to let you know Alfie has slept really well, next to Nurse Molly and I – though the two of us didn’t sleep at all!

Everytime Alfie moved, Molly and I watched in case he was in pain or needed something done! Molly is now snuggled on the settee snoozing – and Alfie is sound asleep on the blanket and pillow in front of the fire in the lounge.

Dr Jake has checked his patient and is now outside patrolling the garden to stop anyone making noise and waking his brother up.

I feel like shattered but happy – as well as challenged: how do I sneak off to have a shower without waking up the family and tempting Alfie to come up the stairs looking for me, which he will?

Later, maybe!

Have a lovely day.

Category: Cyprus Villas News