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25th September 2017

Consumers of the British Empire?

So, reading the press today , I wasn’t too surprised to read that sales of gin have increased significantly. In fact, I’m surprised it hasn’t happened sooner!

It got me thinking that maybe Tonys, Aunty Carole, my lovely friends, Mrs Spence, Suzie Floozy  and I , could possibly be in line for a C.B.E this year? I feel that we have, mob handedly, helped with the promotion of aforementioned spirit and actively, if not enthusiastically, promoted consumption of the same, at every given opportunity.

Personally, I believe it’s my civic duty to help make people happy by tasting, (at sensible levels), this lovely drink – and I’m all for doing my duty, (though hope my husband isn’t reading this blog!).

Anyway, gin is also for sale here in Cyprus, with many types being dressed up for various cocktails in gorgeous sunset bars, across the island. Choose a holiday villa with pool and I’ll direct you to the best, closest place to enjoy your drink of choice , as the sun goes down. Email to .

Oh and we can also get Yorkshire Tea for the more discerning amongst us!

Category: Cyprus Villas News