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1st January 2010

Confused? You will be………….

So…………, where were we?
Life on the hill in Peyia continues. Both sisters are now happily installed on sunbeds by the pool; one with wine tanker nested next to her and one with a seemingly endless supply of crisps at her side.

Tony Without Teeth and Wicked William have been relocated to the lovely villa Iily May in Peyia. They moved yesterday but not without incident:
Having packed Sunday for yesterdays move, their cases were opened and shut on a regular basis. “Joanie, where is my……” , “What did you say Joanie?”….was the almost hourly cry from Wicked William. TWT just got more and more annoyed and wanted to be in the new villa NOW – even though there were a few days to go!
On the way down the hill, we all stopped at Philippos to get some shopping for the arrival of Michael, TWTs youngest son and the grandchildre. Getting out of the car, TWT snarled to WW, “Mind your fingers”. “What did you say Joanie?” came then reply, closely followed by , “Ow” “My fingers Joan: you’ve trapped them in the car door”……………

Michael and children arrived at midnight. Sisters went missing in a wine bar in Peyia and I tried to lose myself in a large GnT……….

Another day in paradise!

Category: Cyprus Villas News