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1st January 2010

Coming home….

We were very naughty this week and disappeared Wed lunchtime for two nights away from everything. Susie Floozy, surrogate mum to the dogs and Charlie cat, stayed at our home to look after them – which was fantastic (thanks Sue) and our wonderful team helped with the workload….

Tony and I enjoyed two nights of total relaxation being waited on and eating/drinking and nattering to our hearts content! Bliss! Stayed with friends who also are in the holiday business and had a giggle with them about the ins and outs of a very busy season.

Coming home is always the best part of being away and I felt like we’d been away ages – and from the look of the number of emails I had waiting, we HAD been away too long! Bookings for villas in Coral bay and Peyia and enquiries for 2010 plus the daily ebbs and flows of related questions. Nothing a good 5 hour session last night in the office and working again today, couldn’t sort out!

Charlie cat was a bit pee’d off with us for going away. He pretended to be happy to see us and slept in our bed – or rather pretended to sleep until we fell asleep then he began to flick everything off the dressing table onto the bed, landing a corking one euro piece on the end of a sleeping Tonys nose! He was evicted – Charlie that is!

I realised a few things by being away: home is best. We do work very hard for our holiday guests – and only suffer the same challenges as anyone else in this industry. I love our work. Our team are totally fantastic and our friends here are some of the best we’ve ever had in our lives.

Okay, so we are totally shattered, look terrible and need more than a two night break but the sun is in the heavens, Peyia is great and there isn’t a better way to live and meet people.

Am I taking something? No – but perhaps I should be!

Category: Cyprus Villas News