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31st January 2015

comfort and conundrum!

Barney T Rubble is in bed, having a lie in after a ‘bit of a do’ here yesterday afternoon. I blame Susie Floozy: she ‘popped up’, armed with delicious food from The Blue Olive and a lovely bottle of Pinot Grigio.

Hours later, full tummies and lots of chat and we were all shattered! Barney hasn’t recovered though I’m ready for a rerun! Which is where the conundrum comes in: after 5 weeks of bed rest and house arrest after surgery, Tony has promised to take me out for an hour tomorrow , into ‘the world’ to see ‘humans’! So exciting! Except the deal is I have to be a ‘good girl” today…..

Hmmm. There is some wine left (no, of course not the same bottle) and tony is out this afternoon leaving me alone with my temptation . I can be strong, of course I can but the wine might go off/it might rain tomorrow and we won’t be able to go out (and so on). So , my plan is to behave – a bit – and rest , a lot and consider my options – till around 5 pm when Tony goes out then I may test the offering in the fridge!!

In the meanwhile, Emma and I are happily answering enquiries for holidays in gorgeous villas with pools in Coral Bay and Peyia. Email to us on for best offers – and to offer your advice to me!

Have a great weekend! And behave! (better than Barney who is sleeping on the bed!)

photo barney in bed today