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18th April 2014

Combining traditions for Easter.

We have having an Easter party at our home tomorrow night. Its a very last minute decision: we weren’t going to do it because our dearest friends aren’t able to be here for the Easter celebrations but we decided to ‘get over ourselves’ and just get on with it!

That said, while the locals will be enjoying souvla, whisky and roast potatoes, I’m afraid our shared offering is bacon and sausage butties washed down with local wine and beers! We figure this helps the economy! I have made one concession and made an easter cake: there is a cake, whose name I don’t know but its a local chocolate and biscuit, no bake cake – so I’ve done it with local chocolate, European digestives, grapes from someones vine, pineapples and raisins (local coz they were from the shelves in Philippos supermarket in Peyia!) – and Keo Brandy! Lots of it!

The cake is now ‘setting’ and I’m ‘baked’. Well you’ve got to try to mixture and lick the bowl (I shared with our puppy , Barney T Rubble)!

Course, we also invite all of our returning holiday villa guests who are here for Easter, so we’ll be welcoming friends with whom we share our village daily, our wonderful team in the office – and the happy holiday makers who rent our holiday villas, year in year out!

If you’d like to join us during the summer /want to have the recipe for the cake or just want to know when you can come to a wonderful rental villa in Coral Bay or Peyia, email to me on

(Note to self: DON’T eat all the cake before tomorrow – and get off the brandy!)


Category: Cyprus Villas News